Cyber World

The internet is a source where a lot of information can be found. Youngsters use it every day a lot. As a child you like to play games, read, watch movies and keep in touch with friends on the internet. This does not have to be a problem if you know where dangers can be.

This is why Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba would like to inform you about what to look for when you are online. Cyber world includes the behavior of youngsters online: Internet use, multimedia, sexting, cyber bulling, etc. These are all areas that children and youngsters come in contact with every day.

• Cyber world is the world in which the youth of Aruba spends their time “on” for about an average of8 hours a day.
• Cyber world is a new, developing world where many problems can occur. Seeing that control and guidance for children and youngsters during use is minimal, many things can quickly go wrong if children and youngsters are not made aware of such problems.

The internet was intended as a service that everyone can use safely. Unfortunately, because of a group of people who want to do bad things, it is not always safe for children. When you go on the internet it is important that you don’t share all your personal information with everyone. If you put photos, stories, data about yourself on the internet, everyone can use that. It is not yours anymore, it is the internet’s. There are people who look for information about other people to use negatively. If they know when you are going on holiday with the family for example, they can break into your house. Or if they find your photos online, they can print them out and hang them up everywhere to bully you. That is why it is important to set your private institutions everywhere at the highest security level. You can ask your parents or others who have done this before to help you.

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