Teens 13-24

According to Article 1 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, you are a child if you are not yet 18 years old. In everyday speech, people speak of children being up to the age of 12 – 14, and thereafter to 24 of ‘teen’ or ‘adolescent’ and the target group of Telefon pa Hubentud is from 8 to 24 years. This means that both children and youngsters reach out to Telefon pa Hubentud every day. A large number of adolescents reach out every day to Telefon pa Hubentud and in developmental psychology they don’t speak any longer of teens but of adolescents and adolescence.

In this section you will find information meant for teens or adolescents up to 24 years.


Communication with parents is a subject that has become very popular at Fundacion Telefon Pa Hubentud Aruba.

Cyber World

Internet is a place where a lot of information can be found. Youngsters use it a lot. As a child you like to play games, read, watch movies and keep in touch with friends on the internet.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol and Drugs is a much-requested lecture at Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba. Together with Child Helpline International,

List of books

Lord of the Flies, The Story of my Life, The Fault in our Stars, Divergent series, I Know why the caged bird sings, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Norms & Values

The topic of norms and values is a very popular topic. Norms and values are very important in a culture.

Peer pressure

Together with Child helpline International, Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba works on the trend, peer pressure. Being part of peer pressure is something human.


When you’re in love, you think about that person all day long. You get a nice tingly feeling in your body when you see that person. Or just pain in your stomach. You don’t know what to say. Or you talk a lot to impress. Recognizable? Then you are probably in love!

Self esteem

Among the youngsters, “belonging to something” has always been a struggle. Which outfit do my peers wear? Am I too fat? Do I have to wear makeup?


According to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, the rights for every child will be respected and guaranteed without discrimination of any kind, regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other belief, national, ethnic or social origin, wealth, disability, birth or other circumstance of the child or his or her parent or legal guardian.

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