Fundacion Telefon Pa Hubentud Aruba


The Board are the ones in charge of planning the policy that Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba will follow the coming years. They also overview the work of the staff to ensure that the goals set in the policy are being achieved. The board consists of volunteers.


Youth Council

Telefon pa Hubentud is for the children and youngsters. This means that youth participation within the foundation is important. In order to achieve this, Telefon pa Hubentud wants to further stimulate youth participation through a youth council. By involving youngsters in its operation, Telefon pa Hubentud will get a better picture of what is happening amongst the children and youngsters in Aruba. The youth council deals on behalf of Telefon pa Hubentud with requested and / or unsolicited advice. They have important input with major changes and / or developments and contribute to the objectives and ongoing projects of Telefon pa Hubentud.

The youth council of Telefon pa Hubentud aims to: have a say in, and influence on, youth projects to be carried out and advises Telefon pa Hubentud on youngster relevant issues.
Its members are well informed about youth-relevant issues, developments in youth care in Aruba, living conditions of children and youngsters in Aruba, compliance with the rights of the children in Aruba, the mission, vision and objectives of Telefon pa Hubentud and the functioning of Telefon pa Hubentud.


Childhoods are destroyed every day by abuse and broken trust. Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud’s counselors, more than thirty, try to rebuild this trust and help children find hope.
Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud’s counselors are ordinary people who do an extraordinary job – in their spare time. Our counselors receive an intensive training session spanning a period of six weeks. Each session addresses a new area of counseling and explores particular issues. Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud’s vetting, selection and training process is rigorous.
Counselors work a two hours’ shift. There is always a supervisor available to help counselors who may need a debriefing session which helps counselors to leave behind any feelings of distress or concern provoked by calls they have taken and to obtain guidance and support.


The staff consists of a Director and a Social Worker, they are the ones in charge of doing lectures, workshops, projects and they are also representative of Telefon Pa Hubentud. They are also the ones who train and support the volunteers. The Staff is available for contact during the office hours.


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