Loverboys are boys or men who try to entice girls into prostitution. A loverboy first makes sure that a girl falls in love with him by giving the girl lots of gifts and attention. Especially vulnerable girls are sensitive to this and want to do everything for their boyfriend. This creates a dependency relationship. Then they take the girls over to have sex with others against payment. In a devious way, he then puts her into prostitution. Incidentally, it is not just boys or men who do this. Incidentally …. Girls also recruit ‘girlfriends’. Loverboys are criminals.

How do the loverboys work

Loverboys are looking for girls who are emotionally unstable or insecure. This often happens via the internet; also called grooming. The loverboy is sweet, buys presents and gives compliments. He gives the girls a lot of attention and makes them fall in love with him and trust him completely.

Then he tries to make them dependent on him. For example, by having the girls argue with their best friends or their parents. Once the girls have a fight with their friends and their parents, he makes sure that they can only talk and deal with him.

Then he tries to get the girls to do things that they do not really want. For example, he lets the girls take out a loan or telephone subscription in their name, while he is the one who makes use of it. Or he persuades the girls to have sex with his friends. This is how the girls have to prove that they love him.


If the girls have to have sex with their friends, the step to have sex with other people, who pay for it, is very small. Before they know it, the girls work as a prostitute.

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