Sexuality is a lecture that is in high demand at Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba. In collaboration with Child Helpline International we work to make this subject as complete as possible. By following the trends worldwide and in the region, we can work in a better preventive way. Here in Aruba, we work very well together with Famia Planea and Wit Gele Kruis. Because of this, we have updated information about sexuality.

  • Sexuality have correlation with relationship,
  • Sexuality have correlation with norms and value,
  • Sexuality have self love,
  • Sexuality have correlation with contraception,
  • Sexuality have correlation with sexting,
  • Sexuality have correlation with being teenager.

The topic of sexuality is one that can be very extensive. Here in Aruba we often discuss the topic of teenage mother and all the challenge it can bring. Sexting is when a messages via email, phone or internet (social media) with sexual contents is sent. Given that this is a relatively new way of communicating, there are many questions about it. Unfortunately, we also often see negative peer pressure playing a role in relationships or sexuality. We also give attention to it. Like all our lectures we adapt the information to the target group receiving the lecture. This is especially important with the subject sexuality seen that it is still seen as a taboo.

What does Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba offer?

  • Booklet with Information about the subject.



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