Sugar daddy/mommy

More and more the term sugar daddy / mommy is used in society. But what does it really means?

Sugar daddy / mommy is not from now. It has been around for a while. It concerns elderly men and / or women who have money and young (needy) women and / or men who need money who enter into a kind of relationship. An older man / woman being financially generous to younger woman and / or man.

Travel, restaurant visit, purchase of clothing, pay rent, finance study and / or a monthly financial contribution, can all be offered by the sugar daddy / mommy so that he / she can be in the company of a young woman / man.

The young woman / man who gives his / her companionship in exchange for financial support is called sugar baby. Sometimes really the only thing that the sugar baby, (needy young female / male) wants, is the sugar daddy/mommy, to help provide food and basic things in their household. It is not how rich the sugar daddy / mommy is, but how poor the sugar baby is. Poor female / male are mostly open to provide company to sugar daddies/mommies.

Notwithstanding, in society sugar daddy / mommy is seen as negative and as an immoral behavior. It could have more to do with the older men / women – young women / man relationships, than with money itself. In addition, a relationship between an adult and a minor is punishable by the Aruban criminal law. That’s why most of the sugar daddy / mommy relationships are secret.

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