Met praten kom je verder

Met praten kom je verder is a project that is based on successful negotiation training for adults at the Harvard Law School and the Young Negotiators    program, which has been taught in a large number of American secondary schools for several years. The instruction material itself is focused on the Aruban situation. Use was made of the results of the scientific research into antisocial and criminal behavior, the Youth Lifestyle Survey Aruba 2007, conducted by the Society and Crime Foundation.

The project is characterized by intensive interaction with and between the students. Negotiation is by definition a skill that is learned and gradually developed. The techniques are introduced, taught and practiced with the help of conversations, role plays, games, images (DVD) and discussions. Although the principles and techniques for negotiation for adults and young people are the same, the experience of young people is taken into account when choosing the examples and role-plays. Examples include homework, dealing with teachers, family relations, pocket money, bullying, part-time jobs, relationships, school achievements, etc. It is not just topics that the Aruban youth calls daily about with Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba, but also those that the schools request.

The objective is simple: the project provides young people with insights and skills that enable them to reach their goal in a peaceful way and to be able to resolve confrontations in a positive way. These are skills that they can use throughout their lives. A second objective is to improve the climate in schools and in the classroom. Ultimately this will contribute to a reduction of violence in the school and an improvement of the learning and living environment in the classroom. It has been shown that this will reduce anti-social and criminal behavior among young people.

With Met praten kom je verder, young people learn:

– Formulate their wishes and goals,
– Recognize mutual interests,
– To be able to pay attention and empathy for other opinions,
– See the importance of a result (solution) that is as acceptable as possible for all parties.

The curriculum consists of 10 levels (lessons) each lasting about 90 minutes and which can be given in two separate sessions if desired.

What does Telefon pa Hubentud Aruba offer?

  • Train the trainers of Met praten kom je verder,
  • Ten hours,
  • Facilitators guide,
  • Workbook for the students.

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